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Where The Heck Are These 9 'Game of Thrones' Characters?

We really hope they show up in season five.

So, it's been nearly a week since the season four finale of "Game of Thrones," and still we are left with questions. So many, in fact. But few more fervent than those surrounding missing and/or ignored characters from this season and those prior.

Because, hey, it's easy to misplace a few folk here and there. There are, after all, approximately a billion characters — give or take — in George R.R. Martin's epic tale. So where have they gone? Are we likely see them again? Here's a few we're dying to know more about heading into next season. And no, these don't contain book spoilers, so you're safe, TV-only fans.

1. Gendry

Sure, we maybe-kinda-sorta found him this week, and allegedly he's still a-rowin', but where exactly is the Baratheon bastard? And will he ever land ashore? If he's been rowing for a year, where would that put him? Essos? Sothoryos? Ulthos? America (in our dreams)? Tell us, HBO, tell us!

2. Yara Greyjoy

We saw but a moment of Yara last season. The tough-as-nails sister certainly didn't seem one to give up on her family or the fight (though that is exactly what she did this season). Did she head back to the Iron Islands? Is she cooking up another plan? We think she deserves another go at rescuing her brother and bringing him back into the real world, but we're also pulling for any family on this show to not be a broken down, batted-around, mentally-unhinged mess.

3. Beric Dondarrion and the Brotherhood Without Banners

These noble but rule-breaking fellas sure did seem like they were up to something good in season three, didn't they? So we were surprised not to see or hear a thing about them in season four. Is there a chance we'll get Dondarrion next season? Is he still out wandering the Westerosi lands, doing his Robin Hood-y best? One would surely hope! Still: we need more of him in season five: we've got to figure out who's right and wrong in the quest to represent the Lord of Light, or if it's something in between (and admit it: a Melisandre/Beric showdown would potentially be epic).

4. Kevan Lannister

We saw him in earlier seasons, hanging around his brother Tywin, but after his time spent with Tywin in season two, we've never really seen him since. What gives? Aren't the Lannisters always about family? What's Kevan's deal, anyway?

5. Lancel Lannister

And while we're at it — where the heck is his son, Ser Lancel? Was he banned from the Keep after Cersei had her way with him?

6. Rickon

WHERE THE HECK IS RICKON? Is he out drinking iced tea in the South somewhere? Running free with Shaggydog having a grand ol' time? Why does no one care about Rickon?! Doesn't anyone care where the smallest Stark kid is? Sure he was allegedly on his way to an allied family home, but can we really be all that certain? We're so worried about Rickon, you guys. So. Worried.

7. Osha

And while we're at it, we're curious as to Osha's location, too. Is she still with Rickon, as was intended? Did they get separated? Or did she say "eff it" and leave him to fend for himself? We doubt it was anything that dire — oh gosh, we hope — but without confirmed proof and with GRRM's history for doling out the worst to his creations, we're still concerned.

8. Loras Tyrell

We barely saw him at all this season, save those few moments with Brienne of Tarth. What's Loras' deal now? Is he pining after some new lover boy? Staying loyal to the cause? Helping his sister Margaery co-step-parent Ser Pounce?

9. Ser Pounce

Which reminds us: PLEASE BRING BACK SER POUNCE, "Game of Thrones." Please!

Who'd we miss? Anyone else you'd like to see? Let's hear 'em in the comments (but no book spoilers, please)!