'Amazing Spider-Man 2': What The Ending Means For 'Amazing Spider-Man 3'

The ending means that it's time to go home for two years.

"Amazing Spider-Man 2" is a hit, raking in $92 million this weekend domestically alone. Which means SONY -- barring everyone deciding to never watch movies again -- will definitely go through with their plan for an "Amazing Spider-Man 3" in 2016.

With that in mind, what can we expect from the threequel? Here are 7 things we want to see, based on where "Amazing Spider-Man 2" leaves off:

SPOILERS from this point on!

Last Dance With Mary Jane

With Gwen Stacy dead, it's time for Peter Parker to learn how to heal and move on with a new love. Shailene Woodley was originally cast as Mary Jane Watson, Peter's next door neighbor and future love, in "ASM2." Though the part will be recast, producers have all but guaranteed that Mary Jane will factor in to the final chapter in Andrew Garfield's trilogy.

A Sinister Future

SONY hasn't been shy about where the series is going, teasing the super-villain team-up the Sinister Six during the closing credits. And not to mention Harry Osborn asking Mr. Fierce to put a "small team of guys together," starting with The Rhino. The Sinister Six is coming, and we're all but guaranteed to see some iteration of the villain team in 2016.


Yes, The Sinister Six are getting their own spin-off flick, but so is Venom. Adding the symbiote powered baddie to "Amazing Spider-Man 3" might smack too much of repeating the plot of "Spider-Man 3," but they have to set up that spin-off somehow; and where better to do it than in the series proper?

The Return Of The Parkers

Peter's parents have played such a huge part in the first two films, we'd be shocked if they didn't show up in some way during part three. In the comics, they turned out to be spies, then robots, before turning out to be truly dead.

We don't know if the films will follow the same path, but remember: even though Mary was shot in the gut, Richard was strangled and they were both going down in a flaming plane, we never saw them die. Bodies or it didn't happen.

The Daily Bugle

Part of watching a Spider-Man series is watching the main character grow up. And part of Peter growing up is watching him work at the paper of record, The Daily Bugle. We've seen touches of his new job in "ASM2," but we need to meet the new J. Jonah Jameson in the third movie. It's just too good of a character to leave on the cutting room floor.

Mr. Moving On

Here's one we could go either way on: will Peter Parker finally move out of his Aunt's house in the next movie? Peter has gone from high school kid, to… Well, we don't quite know what Peter is doing now other than freelancing for the Bugle, and Spider-Manning it up.

So will he go to college? Get his own apartment? Or will part of the plot be about Peter's stunted development, because 30-year-old Andrew Garfield can only pretend to be a skateboarding kid for so long before it starts to look a little lame.

The Clone Saga

In the '90s, Peter Parker was briefly replaced by a clone, who turned out to be the real Peter Parker, and then it turned out that Peter Parker was the real one all along, and also there were other clones. Or something. This is one of the most confusing and reviled stories in comic book history, but also a perfect opportunity to recast Andrew Garfield if his contract is up with the third movie.

Please don't do this.

What do you want to see in "Amazing Spider-Man 3"?

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