'Big Hero 6' And Its Adorable Characters Beat Out 'Interstellar'—But Just Barely

But don't feel too bad for McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey's intergalactic space cowboy in "Interstellear" may have had all the buzz heading into the weekend, but ultimately Baymax and his posse won the weekend when it comes to raking in the box office dollars. In the battle of science fiction movies, cute adorable things win!

That's right: "Interstellar" did not take the top spot: "Big Hero 6" did. TWIST!

Not even Christopher Nolan was ready for that bait and switch, we bet, given the lead-up to his epic space opera's arrival in theaters, but kids will be kids, and those kids have parents who need a break.

To say nothing of the fact that the characters and premise of the latter film is just so ADORABLE. (Like really, really the cutest.) So really, it shouldn't be too surprising that Baymax and Co. wrangled up $56.2 million at the box office, edging out the good ship McConaughey's $52.1 million. Better luck in the next dimension?

Obviously these numbers are still pretty enormous, especially considering and they out-earned the subsequent films below them by a landslide this weekend. But given that both films, coincidentally, cost $165 million to make, there's also a lot more to go until they break even, too.

Rounding out the rest of the top five were the ubiquitous "Gone Girl" ($6.1 million), followed by "Ouija" ($6 million), and "St. Vincent" ($5.7 million) with last week's Jake Gyllenhaal drama, "Nightcrawler" dropping to 6th place (with $5.5 million) from last week's second slot.