Zack Snyder Explains Choosing Henry Cavill For Superman Role

'I think Henry just has this innocence,' filmmaker said of his choice for 'Man of Steel.'

One drawback in making comic book movies, particularly those that involve one of the most recognizable characters of all time, is that no matter how excited fans are about the project, the people involved with the film aren't allowed to talk about it.

Case in point, Zack Snyder's super (pun intended) highly-anticipated "Superman" reboot, tentatively titled "[article id="1660121"]Man of Steel[/article]." When MTV News caught up with the director during the press day for his epic action fantasy "Sucker Punch" on Friday (March 18), we did our best to squeeze some information out of him about the direction in which he plans to take the film. But try as we might, Snyder's lips were mostly sealed.

"It's a super-secret thing!" he said after a few failed attempts at getting some scoop. "It's like building a stealth bomber."

That said, despite our seemingly stealthy line of questioning, we were only able to eke out a few thoughts from Snyder regarding his choice for the film's lead actor, [article id="1656948"]Henry Cavill[/article], versus his second choice, "True Blood" actor Joe Manganiello.

"Henry's just ... I love Joe too, by the way," Snyder said. "Really he was the only other guy I was thinking of, to be honest, other than Henry. But in the end, I think Henry just has this innocence too [in addition to the look and physicality required for the role], he has both, which is tricky," he explained. "Superman needs the teeniest bit of that. Not to be overt, but you like it to be there ever so slightly. I mean, he grew up in Kansas, that's just true, so you need a little of that [innocence]."

Regarding Snyder's rumored plans to make his new Superman more physical, the "300" director once again laughed at our detail-oriented line of questioning.

"I can't answer that!" he exclaimed, and then complimented our detail-digging efforts. "Because if I say, that is what will be the thing [that everyone will run with]."

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