Madonna, Tina Turner Talk About Rolling Stone Photo Shoot

October 21 [10:00 EDT] -- Put Madonna, Courtney Love, and Tina Turner in the same room and you can expect disagreement about what music to listen to.

When the three got together to be photographed for the cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine's 30th anniversary issue, a salute to women in rock, it should come as no surprise that background music was an issue.

There was a bit of a skirmish over who was going to play what." Madonna told MTV News. "We finally agreed that every other CD was mine and every other CD was Courtney's and we sort of went back and forth. But the ultimate song that we ended up dancing to all the time was the MC stereo remix of the Tricky song, which is a very good song to dance to.

Madonna was also concerned about the outcome of the shoot. "What if I don't like it? I feel like I looked like a Spice Girl in it, though. I don't know how I got talked into that outfit.

Tina Turner, provided a more nonchalant, easygoing presence at the shoot,

which the other two appreciated.

She didn't care," Madonna recounted. [article id="1445630"]"Tina was so easy, she was like 'whatever, I'll wear whatever with whatever.' I've got to become a Buddhist, that's all I have to say. [600k QuickTime][/article] She's been around. She probably could care less. She's very cool. I like her.

Turner returned the affection, happily taking on the parental role to the two younger musicians.

It was like working with kids," she said. "You know I've always had Ikettes for dancers, so they were pretending a few times that they were my dancers. They had all kinds of pretence going on, but it was always built around me being the mother of the two in some kind of way. In terms of 'Tina is this and we are that,' and [article id="1445632"]I was laughing the whole time, honestly. If the photograph comes out with me really laughing seriously, it was because of their reaction to each other. It was wonderful." [600k QuickTime][/article]


featured in the "Women In Rock Issue" are such artists as Ani DiFranco, Mary J. Blige, Shirley Manson of Garbage, Fiona Apple, Natalie Merchant, and Patti Smith. The issue was also witten and photographed entirely by women.