Coal Chamber, Ozzy Talk About Hooking Up In Studio

Coal Chamber finally hooked up with Ozzy Osbourne in a Los Angeles recording studio late last week to record a cover of Peter Gabriel's "Shock The Monkey.

The collaboration, which will appear on Coal Chamber's upcoming "Chamber Music" album, was originally set for earlier in the week, but throat problems forced Ozzy to postpone the studio session for a few days. Ozzy finally went in to the studio on Friday, March 12 to record his contribution to the song.

[article id="1439883"]"We've been wanting to do it for about five years, but on the first album I don't think we were ready to do it,"[/article] Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara said of the Gabriel cover while in the studio with Ozzy. [article id="1439883"]"As soon as we were like 'OK we're gonna do this track,' we kept hearing Peter Gabriel and it sounded like Ozzy or Ozzy sounded like Peter in it. And we said, 'Man, let's ask him,' and as soon as we found out that he was into it because he like

Peter Gabriel, we were like, 'Oh my God, it's all coming together.'"[/article]

Ozzy explained, [article id="1439883"]"Every night in my dressing room for the last God knows how many years, I've blasted at mega-sound the 'So' album. Peter Gabriel's 'So' album is one of the finest recordings ever made. It's a phenomenal album. [RealVideo][/article]

"It sounds great, by the way," Ozzy added of the new version he recorded with Coal Chamber. "It sounds really good. I was surprised. I like it when I surprise myself, you know.

It's true,"
Dez concurred. "He came in and nailed the track. Peter Gabriel writes really strange. It took me a couple of days to really nail his timing, and Ozzy was so

pro when he came in. I mean, he

came in and like 'boom,' did it. It was amazing." [RealVideo] You can check out how well Ozzy nailed it when Coal Chamber's "Chamber Music" is released later this year.

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