9 Ways Amanda Bynes Changed Pop Culture For The Better

Happy birthday!

Remember Captain Tantrum of the U.S.S Spaceship? "MAH HAH?" The Procrastinator? It might be hard to believe now but Amanda Bynes had a ridiculously powerful affect on everyone who tuned in to watch her on Nickelodeon every week.

In honor of Amanda's birthday today (April 3), we thought we'd take the time to celebrate all the amazing contributions she made to movies, TV, and even the Internet:

The Amanda Please Website


Not only did Amanada predict celebrity stalking and fansites through her character Penelope Taynt, but that website Penelope made for her is still completely preserved in the dusty recesses of the Internet. Seriously! You can still go there today!

Ask Ashley

ask ashley all that

Long before she was a household name, Amanda basically predicted the Internet during her iconic sketch on "All That." A bunch of people asking naive questions and then getting mercilessly abused? Yup, that's Twitter for you.



Amanda's might not have been as groundbreaking a character as the rest of the crew in this iconic movie, but BOY did she really capture the fandom experience at some points. Moooom! It's not a phase, It's my LIFE!

Totally Kyle


Not TECHNICALLY Amanda, but without "The Amanda Show" we'd never have such a fascinating window into Kyle's deep, sensitive soul.

Girl’s Room


Before there were "Mean Girls," there were the wonderful ladies of this high school bathroom, and they taught us everything we needed to know about how to navigate other cliques. Remember those weird "random" people in forums that would just type out nonsense in all caps because they thought it was funny? Total Debbies.

"Easy A"


Emma Stone might have been the star, but admit it: you see this gif on Tumblr at least once a week.

Moody’s Point

tortured teenage soul

The best, most surreal, pitch-perfect teen soap opera parody in existence -- even if you're obsessed with every single CW show in existence, you can't help but laugh at this one. Plus, future "Saturday Night Live" star Taran Killam makes but attractive platonic male friend, Spalding.

Dancing Lobsters


Just think: today, there are young people online who don't know about "The Amanda Show" and think these guys are just a weird gif that spontaneously arose into being when everyone was laughing about Katy Perry's dancing sharks. Well they're wrong, because these guys were ICONIC.

"She’s The Man"


Hands up, who had questions about their sexuality after they watched this movie? Good. You have Amanda to thank.