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7 Ways 'Mockingjay' Is Totally The Anti-'Harry Potter'

Toto, we're not in Hogwarts anymore.

Since the Muggle world does not exist in a vacuum, when it comes to even our most sacred phenoms there are bound to be some unintentional story crossovers afoot – yes, even when one world exists in some magical plane in Great Britain and the other is a twisted deathscape in dystopian Appalachia. And because pretty much all things YA are measured against "Harry Potter" forever and ever, we went ahead and took a look what we might find when blending our wizard friends with the citizens of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1."

Spoiler alert: We were pretty surprised at the volume of compare/contrasts available here. Read on.

1. Boy + Girl = Both awesome, but in different ways.

Harry's a boy. Katniss is a girl. Hero, heroine ... That's not the difference we're getting at here. See, these two are both fierce, badass kids who've been handed an army to lead, essentially, but one is a wizard with actual magical powers via biology and such while the other starts out as an ordinary coal miner's daughter and winds up having all this deep-seated leadership mojo on tap somehow. Totally a nature versus nurture kind of deal.

Also note: They're both pretty quick on the draw, but they've got a very different set of tools on hand.

Harry Potter Wand GIF
Katniss Everdeen Bow and Arrow GIF

2. Ministry of Magic Vs. The Capitol.

And when it comes to the respective Powers That Be, we'll vote Ministry >>>>> The Capitol every single time. See, the Ministry at least has some semblance of a justice system and functional bureaucracy, while the Capitol is pretty much just like "Here's your tyrannical boss coming on-stage to issue another totally ridiculous and oppressive rule, people. What."

President Snow Cheers Hunger Games

3. Effie versus Umbridge because, duh, look at them.

When it comes to the resident pro-government ladies of the day, we gotta ride with Effie Trinket. Because even though she and Delores Umbridge do share a mutual love of all things pink, high-collared fashions, hot-rolled hairdos, affected accents, and good manners, Effie and D-Lo are not just two prim peas in a rigid mahogany pod.

Delores Umbridge Harry Potter GIF
Effie Trinket Hunger Games GIF

Consider: By "Mockingjay," Effie is totes Team Katniss. Sure, way back with movie one, she used to be all YAY PANEM and what have you. But when stuff started getting really real, a la "Catching Fire" and Prezzy Snow sending our victors back into the ring, Miss Trinket decided to dial down her wig game and face the fact that the status quo is B. to the S.

But Delores Umbridge? Yeah, as J.K. Rowling's latest Potter tale reminds, that tiger would never change her wicked stripes. Hell, if she had her way, Harry'd still be scrawling away painfully with that wretched blood quill.

4. Careers and Slytherins.

Another point of mention is that these stories both boast a set of privileged and rather nasty-personalitied participants among their youthful goings on. Each of them has this pack of kids outright bred for being on top, but the big difference is – barring any errant Avada Kedavra spell-casting, that is – even the slimiest Slytherin children aren't plucked to fight to the death (at least not until You-Know-Who comes back into the picture).

Slytherin Harry Potter GIF
Careers Hunger Games GIF

Also, both groups produced some of the major mini-baddies of their respective bunches, Draco and Cato: system soldier boys whose fates are verrrrrrry different.

5. Hagrid and Haymitch, Ginny and Prim.

There are other some notable character overlaps between our friends in Dumbledore's Army and the Capitol Resistance to be mentioned here.

Take, for example, big Hagrid and Haymitch Abernathy. Both aren't so much easy on the eyes, and they are also each known to enjoy an adult beverage here and there (bottoms up). These dudes can also be counted on for a critical, albeit sometimes hiccuped, word of advice when needs be. However, let's not forget that Haymitch won a Quarter Quell fight to the death over double the number of yearly tributes, whereas Hagrid literally would not hurt a spider. So, that.

Warner Bros.

Aragog Hagrid Harry Potter

Meanwhile, think about the central sisters of each series. Both are these pseudo-damsels in distress (if only because of their age upon first brush with death) who eventually rise to open a can of whoopass. Well, sort of.

Prim and Mrs Everdeen GIF
Mrs Weasley GIF Harry Potter

We'll leave it at that because spoilers.

6. Storming Places.

The ultimate climax to any action-oriented series anymore consists of a big siege of some kind, so we won't even bother with a spoiler alert to say that in "Mockingjay," Katniss and her new chums from District 13 are on a mission to take down the rose-sniffer himself and his faithful, bloodthirsty minions. Sure, they'll lay low for a while to ready the troops, but bet on it they're a-coming for the Capitol. This is the exact opposite of what happened over at Hogwarts, when Harry & Co. were on the receiving end of an onslaught of death eaters right there in their own cushy dining hall.

7. Movie Splitting Stuff.

Pretty much, we have HP to thank for starting this trend [insert all the ragey fist raises] of splitting series finales into two parts because, hello bank. And while J.Law warned us we're going to be straight pissed about the segue ending to "Mockingjay - Part 1," we have a feeling it's not gonna be quite so different from where we got left off with "Potter 7A." Except, of course, all the brainwashery and super-jacked non-wandy weapons and such.

Mockingjay Lives GIF

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