Get To The Choppa! Arnold Schwarzenegger's Best Moments In GIFs

We look back on 'Sabotage' star's greatest cinematic contributions.

No actor has as many memorable movie moments as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Luckily for the Internet, those moments have been documented again and again as pretty much the perfect GIFs.

The "Sabotage" star is essentially a walking GIF machine: He delivers everything from extreme badassery to hilarity. So what better way to look back on the action maven's career than by highlighting his best moments in GIF form?

Scroll down, and take the rest of the day to appreciate the master at his very best.

"I'll Be Back" — "The Terminator"

"Hasta La Vista, Baby" — "T2: Judgment Day"

The Most Mesmerizing GIF Ever — "Saturday Night Live"

PETA's Not Going To Like This One — "Conan The Destroyer"

Arnie Shows Off His Musical Side — "Around The World In 80 Days"

When Every Teenage Boy Cried For The First Time — "T2: Judgment Day"

This Will Haunt Your Dreams — "Total Recall"

Arnold Has No Patience For Your Idle Chatter — "Kindergarten Cop"

A Walk In The Park With Some Guns — "Predator"

Remember When I Said I'd GIF You Last? I Lied — "Commando"

Let's See Colin Farrell Try To Pull This Off — "Total Recall"

"Get To Da Choppa!" — "Predator"

Bonus "Get To Do Choppa!" — "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon"