Here's How Jack White And Third Man Studios Are Collaborating With Shabazz Palaces

Apparently, 2014's 'Lese Majesty' was 'the most oft-spun record on the Third Man office turntable.'

Jack White’s Third Man Studios must be “cool like that” because Shabazz Palaces will record their live performance in the venue using the label’s special direct-to-acetate recording method.

With the process, the Seattle-based experimental hip-hop group’s live performance will be committed to tape, without any overdubs or editing. This process, according to Third Man, brings listeners “as close to the experience of the performance as possible.”

"Very few records from last year got us as excited about the current state and hopeful for the future state of music as Shabazz Palaces’ Lese Majesty," read the message on Third Man’s website.

"Easily the most oft-spun record on the Third Man office turntable in the second half of 2014, it was imperative that we bless the beginning of 2015 with a live direct-to-acetate recording from these psychedelic warriors from the Pacific Northwest."

Palaceer Lazaro (Ishmael Butler), formerly Butterfly of Digable Planets, and Tendai “Baba” Maraire will play in the studio’s Blue Room on January 17. Ticket holders for the event will have the option of purchasing a limited edition Black and Blue split color vinyl record after the show.

"Shabazz Palaces' obstinately original oeuvre emanates from a fully formed higher conscious," it continued. "They plant their flag in the outermost realms of the hip hop global soundscape where vibrations throb into beat heavy explorations, chrome covered constellations of higher reveries each offering it’s own sonic boom."

If you happen to find yourself in Nashville later this month, you can get a ticket to the event here.

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