This Katy Perry Dress Has Sparked A Major Political Controversy In China

'Fruit Sister' may have made a (possibly accidental) pro-Taiwanese statement with her stage attire.

Seeing Katy Perry wear outlandish outfits is nothing new. After all, this is the woman who shot whipped cream out of her boobs and dressed like a beach ball during the Super Bowl.

But one of Katy’s tour costumes is currently under fire for sparking a major political controversy. Are you ready to see it? Here we go…

Believe it or not, that glittery, flowery, seemingly innocent dress is causing quite the stir in China because some have viewed it as a pro-Taiwanese statement.

During a concert in Taipei, Taiwan on Tuesday (try saying that three times fast), Katy took the stage to belt out “Unconditionally” while draped in a Taiwanese flag and wearing the dress adorned with sunflowers, which were the emblem of anti-China protests in Taiwan last year.

The concert took place just a few weeks after the anniversary of the Sunflower Student Movement, which protested China’s meddling in Taiwanese affairs. Sunflowers came to symbolize the tensions between self-ruled Taiwan and mainland China, which still claims sovereignty over Taiwan.

Whether Katy’s outfit was intentionally politically-charged isn’t clear, but most people seem to think not. After all, Katy's rocked the sunflower dress on stage before (she debuted it earlier this month in...wait for it...CHINA). The flag, however, definitely stood out — China even banned it from the 2012 Olympics. Still, Katy reportedly got the flag from a member of the audience, which suggests her makeshift cape was more of a spur-of-the-moment wardrobe addition than a planned statement.

In any case, Taiwanese and Chinese KatyCats were understandably split on what to make of the whole debacle. Some were reportedly “moved to tears” by what seemed to be a supportive tribute to Taiwan’s quest for full political independence.

But others felt the “statement” went too far and could be seen as defiant against China. Referencing Katy’s nickname “Fruit Sister,” one fan wrote on Weibo (China’s version of Twitter), “I’m speechless over Fruit Sister. I suppose she has no chance to come to the mainland anymore, though she might not care. These performers who intervene in other countries’ politics are the most annoying.”

Oh, Fruit Sister. Whatever will we do with you?

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