Lorde Lit Up Some ‘Homemade Dynamite’ With A Big 'Melodrama' Preview At Coachella

This is the part when the sparks don’t stop flying

Shortly after playing a surprise club gig in the desert, Lorde serenaded Coachella attendees with a brand-new song called "Homemade Dynamite."

The explosive cut is taken from her forthcoming album Melodrama, and while there's no studio version available yet, clips from the singer's Coachella set give a pretty good idea of how the song fits in to the LP's transformation narrative. "Let's let things come out of the woodwork," Lorde invites at the prechorus. By the refrain, she's ready to "blow shit up with homemade dynamite." She even makes an explosion sound directly into the mic.

If Melodrama is all about a single party, "Homemade Dynamite" sounds like the part when you meet someone and the sparks just don't stop flying.

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