Haim’s Fourth ‘Sister’ Is Ready To Join The Family Band

And she looks an awful lot like Brie Larson...

Meet Frime Haim, the fourth Haim sister who’s ignorant, neurotic, and finally ready to join the family band.

That’s the concept behind a new video for Funny or Die, which stars the real-life Haim trio and their imaginary sister, played by Brie Larson. The Oscar winner puts her dramatic chops to good use as she begs her “sisters” to let her join the group. Sure, she looks the part with her wavy hair and vintage-inspired threads. But she doesn’t make a great case for herself when she repeatedly mispronounces their last name and rips off “Hey Jude” for a so-called original song she wrote. SMH, Frime.

Haim’s sophomore album, Something to Tell You, drops on July 7. It was made and recorded by all three Haim sisters, and neither Frime nor Brie Larson. Thank goodness for that.