Manson Settles Daisy Berkowitz Lawsuit, Denies Label Pressured Him To Do So

A $15 million lawsuit filed against Marilyn Manson and his bandmates by ex-Manson guitarist Scott Putesky, formerly known as Daisy Berkowitz, was settled out of court last week.

As we first reported in January (see [article id="1431766"]"Daisy Berkowitz Takes Marilyn Manson To Court"[/article]), Putesky filed suit against the band seeking what he felt he was owed in royalties, publishing rights, and performance fees.

According to Manson's manager, Tony Ciulla, "The matter is closed and the terms are confidential." Ciulla also claims that reports about Manson's label, Interscope Records, pressuring the singer to settle the suit are untrue.

Putesky, who left the band under less than amicable terms, was a co-writer and guitarist on a number of songs on Manson's "Antichrist Superstar" and claimed, among other charges, breach of contract and nonpayment of royalties.

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