Jack White Buys an Elephant Head on 'American Pickers'

The show begins with the Pickers visiting a taxidermy hoarder and buying his giant elephant head (the tusks and ears were fake) for $9500, which we think is a rip considering two of the three best parts were made of fiberglass. The pickers are soon told Jack White collects crazy stuff and may be interested in the head, which is just, wow, super convenient, right?

They visit White at his TMR office, where he reveals that he loves "the majesty of taxidermy." Plus on tour he's seen a few elephants, and this taught him "they're not easy to get a hold of" and bring home. You can just picture White in red and black hunched over in the brush, a giant elephant plodding away as he wipes sweat from his brow ... another futile attempt to wrangle the beast with his bare hands. This is why Meg White's crying on the cover of Elephant.

Wolfe's asking price is $12,500, but White proposes a trade: the photo booth featured in the Dead Weather's "Hang You From the Heavens" video and his first jukebox (which implies he owns multiple jukes, because why WOULDN'T he?) for the head. After doing some "Black Math," they valued White's stuff at roughly $6k and sold him the elephant head for $6k, so in the end Jack saved $500, we guess?

Back at the office, Wolfe wonders where Jack would hang the elephant head. We've got some predictions: He'll "Hang [It] From The Heavens" we bet! Because those were no "Store Bought Bones!" Smash cut to a Third Man employee on a ladder hanging it on a wall as White said, "Probably better on that other wall. Is that easy to do?" That's what happens when you hang an elephant head in a "Little Room." Alright we're done, we promise. [Watch the full episode of American Pickers on]

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