Demi Lovato Hustled Cher Lloyd For Cameo (And Mom Helped)

'I felt like a rapper like 'Yo man you've got to be on my track,' ' Demi told MTV about 'Really Don't Care' collaborator.

Demi Lovato felt the pressure to work with British pop singer Cher Lloyd. That pressure didn't come from her label or other industry folks. It came from her family. You see, the Lovatos are big fans of the feisty songbird.

So, when Demi wanted to get someone on her [article id="1707489"]Demi[/article] track, "Really Don't Care," she knew she had to call Lloyd. "Well first of all, my mom loves Cher Lloyd and my little sister loves Cher Lloyd. And I love her too. She has so much sass and attitude. They were really wanting me to do a duet with her," she told MTV News. "And so I was thinking who else would be more fun to do a collaboration with than a powerful, sassy attitude-filled girl? And there's just nobody else out there. She fit perfectly on that song."

The collaboration came about thanks to Demi's mentor role on the "X Factor." Sitting alongside L.A. Reid, she knew she had the hookup. "Well I had been talking to L.A. She's signed to his label. And so the whole time I was like 'I want to work with Cher.' Finally when she came to the set [in November last year], I was like 'I have a song. You have to be on it'," she recalled. "I felt like a rapper like 'Yo man you've got to be on my track.'"

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Lloyd, who got her start as a competitor on the "X Factor" U.K. in 2010, jumped at the opportunity to record with the former Disney princess. She told MTV News earlier this month, she's quite [article id="1706967"]a fan of Lovato[/article] and her soaring vocals.

"I have 'Skyscraper' and I am constantly listening to it, and I can gladly say that it makes me tear up a little bit," she said. "I mean, that girl can really sing, and it's so different. That's the thing, nowadays it's so important to be able to be recognized and to be on the radio and for people to know automatically it's you. And Demi has that and that's something I really look up to."

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