Chuck D's Confrontation Camp Leaves Warped Tour

It looks like Chuck D won't be getting Warped this summer after all.

Press reps for the Vans Warped tour say that the Public Enemy rapper and his new band, Confrontation Camp, are no longer on the tour. Spokespeople for Artemis Records, which signed Confrontation Camp earlier this summer, noted that the release date of the band's debut has been pushed back. With "Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear" not arriving until August 8, Artemis added that it didn't want to send the band out on the road without an album in stores.

Chuck and company were slated to join Green Day, Papa Roach, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, NOFX, The Donnas, and a host of punk's finest on the tour, which kicked off last weekend.

Chuck formed his rock side project (which also includes Professor Griff and guitarist Kyle Jason) in 1998 (see [article id="1427083"]"PE's Chuck D, Professor Griff Go Rock Route With Confrontation Camp"[/article]) and the band made

its live debut in New York last summer (see [article id="1427076"]"Chuck D On Possible Public Enemy-Confrontation Camp Tour"[/article]).

When word of the project surfaced two years ago, Professor Griff hinted at the band's sound, describing it to the MTV Radio Network as an "alternative aggressive rock, soul, poetry kind of thing," and promised to bring "beats that's gonna stick to the ribs and knock the drunk out of the average college student."

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