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Exclusive: Sazon Booya Unleash 'Mayhem & Moombah': Watch It Here!

The documentary, featuring SAV, Mystereo, Skrillex and Dave Nada, premieres on with the group's new collaborative track.

Premiering right here and now, short film "Mayhem & Moombah" takes fans of Moombahton, an electronic mélange of EDM, reggaeton and hip-hop, through the first chapter of New York-based collective Sazon Booya's career.

In just two years, what began as an experimental project between producers SAV and Mr. Vega has throttled into three EPs. With the addition of hypeman Mystereo, they've gained support from the likes of Skrillex and Dillon Francis, and developed a full-blown touring schedule.

With a slower BPM (typically between 108 and 115) and a sexy latin-infused bouquet of sounds, Moombahton, and in particular Sazon Booya, underscores the "dance" in dance music, and the steady rise of this lesser-known form of EDM bubbled up in a big way last year.

The film was roughly shot over a year and was directed by SAV's longtime filmmaker friend, Robert Dume. Sandwiched between cinematic performance moments lies a compelling narrative that charts the origins of the group and their name, the arrival of the frenzy inducing Lucha Libre mask donning Mystereo, and the future that lies before them.

In the film, we learn that the bind that initially connected the two SB members and Mystereo was, in fact, Skrillex: Vega was a producing friend, Mystereo was a Skrillex hype opener, and SAV was formerly Sonny Moore's videographer.

"I got to experience so many things with him," SAV says of Skrillex in the film. "Everything I learned from being alongside Skrillex, I applied to what we are doing now. That's why I think a lot of success comes from those experiences, with him."

Fans will learn that after loving the group's first track, "Lluvia," Moombahton creator Dave Nada wanted to add the song to his SoundCloud page , and urged SAV & Vega for a band name -- and Sazon Booya was born.

Sazon Booya released the third EP Oye Mami via Rot10 Musik on Thursday (January 24) and the gents sent over an exclusive stream of their new collaboration with Mad Major Melvin, "Major Booyahton," for all you fans to enjoy.

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