Nicki Minaj Calls Out Bullies Who Attacked Her Fifth-Grade Teacher’s Son

‘Anyone bullying you is simply just intimidated by your greatness and potential’

Nicki Minaj may be a mega-star today, but she hasn't forgotten her roots. Last week, her former teacher Liz Smith-Breslin posted to Instagram about her 9-year-old son, Quinn, experiencing bullying at school. Nicki came to his defense in a sweet post of her own on Wednesday (February 8).

"Dear Quinn, from the moment I met you (yes, the day u ran away from me b/c my pink lipstick scared you😩), I just knew you were on the road to greatness!" she captioned the reposted video below. "I'm so proud of you for being so brave. Your mother changed my life as my fifth grade teacher & now I get to see her little Prince grow up and take on this world, head on! Anyone bullying you is simply just intimidated by your GREATNESS & POTENTIAL."

Nicki went on to rave about Quinn's acting skills, as he's played a handful of roles and has done some voice-over work. Most recently, he appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

"One day I'm going to buy a ticket & come & watch you acting on the big screen," Nicki continued. "Remain positive sweetheart, Aunty Nicki LOVESSSSS YOU!!!!!!!!"

If Nicki's such a big fan, clearly this kid is going places.

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