Angelica Becomes Phoebe Buffay In These 'Friends/Rugrats' Mashup Drawings

Hang on to your diapies Rachel, we're going in.

The internet is captivated with reimaginings. When we take a television show, movie, or cartoon and ask, "What if?," we open up a fascinating world of possibilities.

Every now and again, someone comes up with a reimagining that's a little strange, but that doesn't make it any less great, TBH.

Since we're just days away from the NBC tribute to director James Burrows -- aka the Friends reunion --- illustrator and Mashable writer Peter Allen Clark decided to mash up the Friends gang with another '90s show, Nickelodeon cartoon Rugrats.

Oddly, the personality of Phoebe Buffay looks strangely at home on Rugrats bully Angelica Pickles, and you can almost hear her singing "Smelly Cat."

Peter Allen Clark / Mashable


The Joey Tribbiani as Tommy Pickles mashup is a ~*tiny bit*~ chilling, but only because Matt LeBlanc's prominent butt-chin would look kind of disturbing on any baby. ?

Peter Allen Clark / Mashable


See all the Friends as Rugrats over at Mashable.

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