Fat Joe Returns To The 'Darkside' With A Few Old Friends

Diamond D and DJ Premier appear on upcoming mixtape, and Joey tells MTV News what it was like reuniting with his pals.

Fat Joe isn't the same guy who dropped his debut album Represent 20 years ago. Back then, he went by Fat Joe Da Gangsta. He has since lost weight and some aggression -- as evidenced by his Casanova-like singles "Another Round," "Pride N Joy" and his most recent one [article id="1711942"]"Love Me Long Time."[/article]

That doesn't mean Joey Crack has forgotten his roots though. His upcoming The Darkside 3 mixtape will drop on August 26, and it will feature production from an old friend. "I got beats from Diamond D -- we just threw it on, we just rocked," Joe revealed to MTV News.

For those unfamiliar, Diamond was a very popular rapper and producer in the early 1990s. He helped pave the way for artists like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams to be able to rock both the mic and the boards. Diamond also gave Fat Joe his start by adopting him into his Diggin' In the Crates crew. It's been a number of years since they worked together.

"When you go to Fat Joe Da Gangsta, I got Darkside 3 dropping at the end of this month and it's just straight boom-bap hip-hop. I don't even know how to explain it to you," he said. "I think some songs don't even got hooks."

On August 26, Fat Joe has to turn himself in on [article id="1711868"]federal tax charges[/article]; he plans to drop The Darkside 3 on the same date. "I tried to avoid it, I tried to do the right thing, I tried to pay it back, but it is what it is," he said of his tax woes.

Diamond isn't the only longtime friend contributing to the mixtape. Joe also expects to link up with DJ Premier, who helped him craft fan-favorites like "The Sh-- Is Real" and "That White." "Primo called us today like, 'Yo I just got back in town, I'ma send you one tonight," Joe said. "So I'm like, 'Uh-oh, the plot thickens!' "

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