Super Bowl Movie Commercials: Winners, Losers And In Between

'Land of the Lost' and 'Transformers 2' ads score, while 'Star Trek' and 'G.I. Joe' teasers fall flat.

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers on their big Super Bowl win. But this isn't, and you're not here to learn the final score or read about [url id=""]who's going to Disneyland[/url].

Instead, the MTV Movies team watched the Super Bowl on trusty ol' TiVo, rewinding the commercials ad nauseam and fast-forwarding through all that stuff where the guys in shoulder pads chased each other around. What we saw were first looks at some huge upcoming movies, ill-advised TV spots for others, and at least one eye-popping joyride in 3-D.

Following up on [article id="1603886"]our Most-Anticipated Super Bowl Movie Ads[/article], here's our breakdown of the very best commercials from the big game, as well as those who got sacked in their own end zone.

The Winners

[movie id="369059"]"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"[/movie]

Check out our [article id="1604038"]shot-by-shot breakdown[/article] for all the teaser's many revelations.

[movie id="369697"]"Land of the Lost"[/movie]

When you've got Will Ferrell, director Brad Silberling ("Moonlight Mile"), sci-fi/comedy and the source material of a Sid & Marty Krofft Saturday morning TV show, who knows what you'll get? Judging by this TV spot, "Land of the Lost" might be something special. While the Matt Lauer jokes seem a bit incestuous considering the NBC/ Universal/ Super Bowl relationship, the giant crab, barren shot of our destroyed civilization and Sleestaks look cool enough to make up for it. Unfortunately, the non-committal "Coming Soon" on the end of the clip is rarely a good sign.

[movie id="328526"]"Monsters vs. Aliens"[/movie]

After all that 3-D hype (and a prime spot sandwiched between the end of the first quarter and [article id="1604036"]Bruce Springsteen's plea[/article] for us all to put down our chicken fingers), this one had to be good. And it was! The spot gave us a good breakdown of the plot, introduced the film's core characters, and had some great visual gags (gotta love the guy scanning his butt to gain entrance to a secured area). The 3-D also looked fun, from that yo-yo coming at us to Ginormica (Reese Witherspoon) using two cars to roller-skate into action.

The Losers

[movie id="369105"]"Fast and the Furious"[/movie]

"A lot has changed," Paul Walker warns Vin Diesel. Yeah, both these formerly hot rising stars can't seem to open anything but a "FATF" movie anymore. It's an ironic way to open the TV spot, since the film is trying so hard to make everything look exactly like it did eight years ago. Cars, women, dueling machismo ... the only major difference is the scene at the end that has Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez trying to time their escape under a tumbling, exploding tanker truck. Clearly, the preposterousness of the franchise's stunts hasn't changed.

[movie id="372347"]"Duplicity"[/movie]

It looks like "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" without the sexiness. In the words of my wife: "I'm so over Julia Roberts."

[movie id="363653"]"G.I. Joe"[/movie]

See our [article id="1604037"]shot-by-shot breakdown[/article] to see why this teaser underwhelmed.

[movie id="305755"]"Star Trek"[/movie]

The commercial cost you a reported $3 million. You have the eyes of an entire world of potential ticket-buyers upon you. And you give them ... stuff they've already seen? Virtually every shot in the "Star Trek" ad had already been glimpsed in trailers, or described in detail by journalists who attended J.J. Abrams' footage previews a few months back. It leaves movie fans with two possibilities to consider: Either Abrams is too paranoid about spoilers to give us anything else, or all the good stuff is already out.

The Jury's Still Out

[movie id="330488"]"Angels & Demons"[/movie]

I referred to it as "Da Vinci Code 2," but my Super Bowl buddy corrected me and said "No, it's 'Angels & Demons'!" Having seen the TV ad, my friend, I respectfully disagree.

[movie id="349805"]"Year One"[/movie]

Scored to the Who's "Magic Bus," check out biblical Jack Black and an unrecognizable David Cross. The commercial reminds us once again that a little bit of Michael Cera can make any movie look good. But let's hope the whole movie doesn't look as cheaply produced as this ad.

[movie id="364407"]"Race to Witch Mountain"[/movie]

Points for the random "Star Wars" joke, and the special effects look impressive. But we've all seen that superpowered-person-stands-in-front-of-speeding-car, car-loses thing so much lately that its impact is lost. The "bounty hunter" looks so Power Ranger-y that he may have wandered over from the "G.I. Joe" TV spot; The Rock's charisma and the "pimped-out fridge," however, promise some fun.

[movie id="351156"]"Up"[/movie]

The ad itself was nothing we hadn't seen before. But at least it urged us to go online and watch a cute little scene from the movie (take a page outta that book, "Star Trek"!). Like the game itself, "Up" seems likely to deliver big, soaring entertainment.

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