'Teen Mom OG' Predicament: How Should Tyler Handle Butch's Latest Setback?

The two had a candid conversation during tonight's episode

Tyler's dad Butch has had plenty of ups and downs throughout Teen Mom OG -- a lengthy prison sentence, a triumphant release, a major sobriety milestone and violating parole. And recently, the MTV grandfather has had trouble staying clean -- causing Tyler to encourage his father to get help on tonight's episode.

"Let's check in somewhere," Catelynn's husband told Butch (as seen in the clip below).

A visibly resigned Butch's response: "I'm ready."

Tyler then said he had looked at some places and felt that his dad needed a facility with a lengthy program.

"I can't be doing what I've been doing," Butch agreed.

As he has done before, Tyler couldn't help but reflect on the past -- and how well Butch seemed to be doing with his addiction struggles. For his part, Butch partially blamed his release from parole for his latest relapse, but Tyler smartly pointed out that parole won't help with long-term rehabilitation.

"Maybe you're afraid of your own freedom," Tyler said.

Unfortunately, this is not unfamiliar territory for the Baltierra family. Tyler even explained on the season premiere that he had tried different approaches with Butch -- specifically, "the anger" and "the ridicule" -- but it always results with Butch going back to his troubled ways. So how should Tyler deal with his father this time? To see how he and Cate cope, be sure to keep watching Teen Mom OG every Monday at 9/8c.