CeCe Frey 'Knew' She Wasn't Going To Win 'X Factor'

'I wasn't that cookie-cutter girl you pick to win one of these things,' latest castoff tells MTV News.

After the dust settles on the second season of [article id="1698484"]"The X Factor"[/article] and the eventual winner is crowned (spoiler alert: it's most likely going to be Tate Stevens or Carly Rose Sonenclar), the most memorable and polarizing contestant must be the blond, leopard-print-loving [article id="1697989"]CeCe Frey[/article].

From her initial sassy audition of Xtina's "Ain't No Other Man" to her mock rivalry with Paige Thomas (over a Whitney Houston song, no less) and her over-the-top, glitzed-out performances, Frey managed to both entertain and frustrate us week to week.

It all came to an end during this week's elimination episode, which saw mentor [article id="1698493"]Demi Lovato lose her entire team[/article] after Frey was finally voted out of the competition.

If the young songstress reminded you of Cher Lloyd on the U.K. version of "The X Factor" or Adam Lambert from "American Idol" -- i.e., a polarizing, out-of-the-box pop-star wannabe -- you're not alone.

"When Adam Lambert was on ['Idol'], I said, 'Now that's the kind of dude that needs to win one of these shows,' " Frey told MTV News on Friday (December 7). "But the thing is, performers like me and Adam Lambert and Diamond White and Lyric 145, we're not the kind of artists that win these things. We're the kind of artist that win afterwards -- or I hope so, anyway -- and I'm going to work my butt off to get there."

As defiant as ever, Frey was adamant she didn't come into this competition expecting to win.

"You hope for that, but I pretty much knew," she said of her chances. "I mean, I had leopard print on my face, for Christ's sake! I pretty much knew that I wasn't that cookie-cutter girl that you pick to win one of these things, but I knew that I was going to use this and run with it."

Without a doubt, Frey was a fierce performer throughout the competition, managing to climb the leaderboard, defy Simon's comment to "pack a suitcase" last week and amass a legion of fans. But was leaving in sixth place enough for the rising songstress?

"You bet your ass I'm happy with sixth place!"

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