Cara Delevingne Just Got A Bacon Tattoo

Breaking news: Cara Delevingne is REALLY in love with bacon. Not just in the obvious bacon-tastes-amazing sort of way ('cause, like, who doesn’t love bacon???). Nope. She loves it so much she added the word to her body, permanently. Yep, Cara got a bacon tattoo.

The model, who has been absent from NYFW thus far, just got "BACON…" tattooed on her foot. But let’s not act like we didn’t see this coming. Just recently, Cara shared her obsession with bacon on Vine, and if that wasn’t enough, she once told Vogue UK that the secret to her fresh-faced beauty is bacon—a beauty tip I indulge in frequently and can attest to as successful (JK, I wish).

The thing is:How many models even eat bacon? How many talk about it on the regular? How many will tattoo their love for a food on their body? Not many, I'm guessing. I've been inspired, though, and am currently debating getting a “PIZZA…” tattoo so my love for it endures. I'm not sure what the ellipsis means on Cara's foot, but perhaps it’s a sign of more to come. More bacon? Mmm... BACON. We’ll be waiting, Cara, we’ll be waiting.

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