50 Cent Introducing Female Rapper Paris On 'Big 10' Mixtape


By Nadeska Alexis

50 Cent’s Big 10 mixtape is set to drop on Friday (December 9) at 12 p.m. and the G-Unit CEO will use the new project to introduce his label’s new female rapper Precious Paris. During the launch party for his SMS Audio headphones line in NYC this week, Fif told MTV News that he plans to release an accompanying video to the track, for full effect.

“I have a few new artists [the public] should anticipate,” 50 said. “Kidd Kidd and Paris is a female artist they haven’t had a chance to hear. Actually she’s the third song on the actual Big 10. She performs with me on it and this’ll be the first time they hear her and they’ll see her—I’ll launch the video with the release of the Big 10, because the second question is, 'What does she sound like?' So I need them to actually see her and hear her because she’s got the goods man.”

Last week 50 released “Stop Crying” the first single from his Big 10 mixtape as a teaser.” It’s all original material,” he said, of the tape which commemorates the 10th anniversary of 2002’s 50 Cent is the Future. “I took influences from big hit records in the past, but I didn’t actually take the song[s].” Because it’s the Big 10, I used Biggie’s [line]: “Stop your blood clot crying/the kids the dogs, everybody dying-no lying" in the first song,” he said, referring to the Biggie lines in "You're Nobody" borrowed for “Stop Crying.” It’s only right when it called the Big 10.

“There’s different things that might strike a chord with me to make me want to do something creatively, that the public just sees it as a new song or a new effort,” he continued. “But I have something else that makes it matter more to me.”

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