'Stranger Things'’ Mike And Eleven Had Very Different Reactions To Their Big Kissing Scene

Mike also hilariously burned Jimmy Fallon on national TV

The Upside Down took over The Tonight Show on Wednesday (August 31), and host Jimmy Fallon will never be the same. Stranger Things, which was recently renewed for Season 2, had stars Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson), and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair) hang out with Fallon and break down that Mike and Eleven kissing scene from the Season 1 finale. Turns out, that was Brown's first-ever kiss, and she was not having it. "Kissing sucks," Brown shouted after they filmed the scene — whereas Wolfhard was kinda all for it.

During rehearsal and leading up to the actual take, apparently no one on set let the impending kissing moment go. The Duffer Brothers, a.k.a. the masterminds behind the series, texted their young stars the kiss emoji. Meanwhile, Matarazzo and McLaughlin kept ogling their co-stars and wanted them to keep smooching. Same.

Additionally, the kids reprised their roles in a hysterical scene with "Barb" breaking out of the paranormal prison and ripping the kids a new one for rescuing Will Byers, but leaving her trapped there.

They also played a killer game of "Stranger Strings," and Wolfhard burned Fallon like last year's Thanksgiving turkey.

"Can you read?" Fallon asked Wolfhard. Without missing a beat, the Stranger Things protagonist blurted out, "Can I read? Can you host?" Dammmmmn. Mike, you didn't need Eleven to fight the school bullies for you; you're savage enough on your own. The best part, however, was Wolfhard's hilarious reaction to his own burn, which belongs in a museum.