An Artist Just Trolled The Fashion World With A Bagel Bag


When you're invited to attend a formal event for Chanel celebrating their signature perfume, No. 5, what kind of purse would you think to bring with you? Something classic? Something in tweed? Or maybe something that looks exactly like what you had for breakfast that morning? That's precisely what up-and-coming actress India Menuez chose to do, and it's safe to say that her bagel-inspired purse was a total hit.

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CHANEL Dinner Celebrating N°5 THE FILM By Baz Luhrmann - Arrivals

While India was busy frolicking with the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Lily Allen, and Anna Wintour at the event (all of whom were dressed in head-to-toe Chanel, obvz), the fashion world was busy freaking the eff out over her bag, which was totally warranted given the fact that delicious carbs have never looked so chic.

Chloe Wise


"An artist friend made it, and when I was invited to the event and Chanel asked to dress me I thought, 'Duh!' Got to bring the bagel into the mix," she told us.

The artist in question, Chloe Wise, is based in New York City and will officially be known as one of the few people in the world who've managed to prank his highness Karl Lagerfeld. Although Chloe makes it clear that the bag is only Chanel inspired, and not made with any actual Chanel hardware, it's not clear if Karl (or more importantly, CHOUPETTE) approve.

Chloe Wise


Regardless, the bag is a must have. As of right now, it's not for sale, but you can totally chow down on a gallery of the rest of the artist's collection of bakery-approved accessories, which includes a Prada-inspired challah bread backpack and a "Louis Croissant" clutch.

Chloe Wise


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