Sam Rockwell Planning 'Iron Man 2' Movie Homework For Justin Hammer Role

Lest you think comics haven't entered the conversation at this year's Sundance Film Festival, the MTV Movies crew tracked down recently announced "Iron Man 2" actor Sam Rockwell (who's bringing several films of his own to the festival) to find out how he's preparing for his role as Tony Stark's rival, Justin Hammer.

"There's not much I can tell you," Rockwell told MTV, adding that he's still waiting for a script. The actor indicated that a script will be especially important for his prep work, since he isn't too familiar with the character.

"I just found out that he's actually a character in the comics," admitted Rockwell. "I didn't realize that."

When MTV asked Rockwell whether Hammer's age in the film will match the older, white-haired Hammer of the comics, the actor said he wasn't sure how the age difference would be handled -- or that there even was one.

"Is he an older guy?" asked Rockwell. "I need to research this."

For more video from the festival, check out MTV's Sundance Film Festival Rough Cut. And for more on how Sam Rockwell's character might play into the overall "Iron Man 2" story, check out our detailed analysis of the Justin Hammer, Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash/Blacklash characters.

What do you think about Sam Rockwell's comments? If you could offer him any advice on the character, what would it be? Have any favorite stories featuring Justin Hammer?

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