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This Group Was Challenged To Eat Cotton Candy...Off Of Their Friend's Semi-Naked Body

But was the crew able to complete the sugary "Broke A$$ Game Show" mission?

Buying and devouring cotton candy at the circus or county fair is an unmistakable treat, but would you enjoy the sweet fluff as much if you had to eat it off of a human?

In the "Broke A$$ Game Show" sneak peek below, amusing hosts David Magidoff and Derek Gaines challenge a group of friends to volunteer one of their own as tribute to play Cotton Candy Sasquatch. The simple mission: Cover one underwear-clad dude with clusters of the pink spun sugar and make his buddies bite the confection off of his bod in two minutes. If the gang is able to inhale the CC, each person wins $50. Fail -- walk away without any cash.

But was the crew able to complete the task at hand? Peep the highly entertaining clip to find out, and be sure to catch a new episode of "Broke A$$ Game Show" on Thursday at its new time of 1030/930c on MTV!