Did Green Day Secretly Release A New Album Tuesday? Only The Snoo Knows

Debut LP by band on Billie Joe Armstrong's label sounds mysteriously like Green Day.

Have Green Day gone undercover?

That's the question that began floating in cyberspace when a band called the Network released its debut CD/DVD, Money Money 2020, on Tuesday.

The album was released on Oakland-based Adeline Records, an imprint co-owned by Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and his wife. Visitors to the Web site ( are greeted with the song "Supermodel Robots." Propelled by an uptempo stomp, the tune features a singer whose nasally voice immediately brings Billie Joe's signature whining snarl to mind.

A curious post on the popular fan site furthered speculation. "I got the new Network album ... and it rocks," the webmaster wrote Wednesday. "Now that I think about it, the band has an oddly familiar sound. Hmmm ..."

The Network's biography makes things even more mysterious. All five of the members, whose faces are obscured on both the album cover and in photos, use ridiculous pseudonyms, like Van Gogh, who's a macrobiotic vegan from Belgium; the Snoo, a former Mexican wrestler from Argentina who was twice jailed in Texas for messing with the state; and Captain Underpants, a Swedish stutterer. One more thing: The band was brought together in accordance with an ancient prophecy.

A spokesperson for Green Day's label, Reprise, couldn't say whether or not the Network are actually Green Day and instead passed the buck to Adeline Records. The Adeline Records spokesperson also was unable to confirm the true identity of the band and claimed to have never met the Snoo or Captain Underpants.