11 Costumes That Prove Lauren Conrad Is The Queen Of Halloween

Bow down, commoners.

By now, we've come to terms with the fact that Lauren Conrad is basically a genius at everything–writing books, designing clothes; you name it, she's great at it. So, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that she's been killin' in the Halloween department for, oh, *looks at watch* the last 20 years or so. Check out 11 LC costumes that prove our Hills girl has always been the queen of Halloween (and while you're at it, help her choose an outfit this year).

2013: TOOTH FAIRY[image src="wp-attachment://1954877" title="Lauren Conrad" alt="Lauren Conrad"]

Last year, LC got decked out in tulle-heavy tooth fairy costume complete with wings and a bag of teeth (which she explains how to make yourself!). The best part? Her hubs dressed up as a dentist to match.

2012: MARY POPPINS[image src="wp-attachment://1954915" title="Lauren Conrad" alt="Lauren Conrad"]

In 2012, she sported an easy-to-DIY Mary Poppins ensemble featuring a tiny red bow tie, a flower-accented hat, and, of course, her signature umbrella.

2012: GHOST[image src="wp-attachment://1954914" title="Lauren Conrad" alt="Lauren Conrad"]

That same year, she also sported a high-fashion ghost look, which is equal parts couture and creepy. *golf claps*

2011: MINNIE MOUSE[image src="wp-attachment://1954826" title="Lauren Conrad" alt="Lauren Conrad"]

In 2011, she took a super cute red and white polka dot dress and transformed it into a Minnie Mouse costume by making ears out of hair buns and adding a giant bow.


She also paid homage to '90s Britney Spears that same year in her now-infamous "...Baby One More Time" school girl outfit.


Even though LC doesn't typically go for trendy Halloween ensembles, in 2010 she got inspired by Twitter for her ’dorbs blue bird ensemble.

2008: FLAPPER[image src="wp-attachment://1954824" title="Lauren Conrad" alt="Lauren Conrad"]

In 2008, she went full-out flapper in a fringe dress, layered pearls and feather headband.

2007: SAILOR[image src="wp-attachment://1955083" title="Lauren Conrad" alt="Lauren Conrad"]

We know Lauren loves a good nautical theme, so it's no surprise she went for a killer sailor look with over-the-knee socks back in '07.

2007: FLAPPER[image src="wp-attachment://1955117" title="Lauren Conrad" alt="Lauren Conrad"]

LC also dressed up as a flapper in season 3 of The Hills–this time with a with a black bob–and then yet again that same year with blonde hair and a red dress. Whew!

1990s: GENIE[image src="wp-attachment://1954912" title="Lauren Conrad" alt="Lauren Conrad"]

We're not quite sure if Lauren was going for a Jasmine or genie look here, but we do know that this was one of her favorite childhood costumes of all time.

1980s: WITCH[image src="wp-attachment://1954913" title="Lauren Conrad" alt="Lauren Conrad"]

Awwww! Bb LC tried to get scary in a witch costume, but just ended up looking cuter than ever.

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