'Star Wars: Episode VII': J.J. Abrams, These Are The Jedi Moves You're Looking For

Beware the power of The Sarlacc's Face.

Hey, J.J. Abrams. Is it too late to add a few new action sequences to the next "Star Wars" movie?

If not, the "Episode VII" director needs to make note of a series of "how to" drawings that comic book artist Pere Pérez ("Archer & Armstrong," "Action Comics") created over the past week. A self-declared "huge 'Star Wars' nerd," Pérez's illustrations were born out of frustration over "how the fighting style of Star Wars doesn't fulfill its true potential [in] the movies."

Thus, moves like "Creating the Void" and "Deadly Attraction" were born:

And moves like "The Force Grenade," which makes a switched-off lightsaber handle deadlier than a bomb:

Pérez even created some new moves that Jedi warriors who use two lightsabers at once should consider utilizing:

And then there's the fantastically named "Sarlacc's Face," a move that requires nothing more than an enemy's activated lightsaber and your very own Force pull:

Pérez says he's finished with his "Star Wars" series of illustrations, but with any luck, he's just getting started. Abrams, give the man a call, won't you?

Would you like to see Pérez's Jedi moves in a new "Star Wars" movie?

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