'Blank Space' V 'Shake It Off': Which Will Make Taylor Swift A Billionaire?

... In page views, anyway.

In the world of celebrity fandoms, YouTube views are king. Fans compete to push their favorite videos to the top of the charts, watching videos over and over again to reach ever-rising plateaus of view counts. Taylor Swift fans are no exception.

Case in point: the hashtag "#shakeitoffto1billion" is currently trending on Twitter, as Swifties try and reach a new milestone.

The hashtag was started by Mark Romanek, who directed the goofy video. Two hours ago today (April 4th) he tweeted "Dear #swifties, let's make #shakeitoff the 1st @taylorswift13 video to hit 1 billion views! We can do it! #shakeitoff1billion." His tweet has currently been retweeted over three thousand times, and fans are blowing up the hashtag across social media.

Some fans have also started #OperationBlankSpaceTo1Billion.

Currently, the videos are neck and neck: "Blank Space" has 718,000,000 views, while "Shake It Off" is coming in hot on its tail with 704,000,000. Considering that "Blank Space" was released two months later, it seems to be drawing views slightly faster.

As a fan on a Taylor Swift Reddit fan page recently wrote, "1 billion views is half of Gangnam Style, if it gets that that'll be awesome!!"

Keep your eyes on these videos and see which one breaks the mark first.