Kelis On Ex-Husband Nas: They're Friendly 'Sometimes'

Singer also tells PETA, 'Leave me alone.'

[artist id="509603"]Kelis[/artist] has made headlines for her show-stopping style and genre-bending approach to music -- but in recent months, she's also made headlines from her divorce from rapper Nas last year. The singer retired her crown as one of hip-hop's most high-profile wives when [article id="1610426"]she filed for divorce[/article] while still pregnant with the couple's son.

Divorces are rarely pleasant, but reports of [article id="1616840"]bickering over child support[/article] put an ugly cast on the couple's split. Kelis recently spoke with Perez Hilton about the situation.

"It wasn't really a bitter divorce," Kelis told Hilton, but when asked if the two stars were on friendly terms, Kelis replied, "Sometimes."

The singer also denied rumors that the exes had attempted to reconcile. "No," Kelis responded. "Not reconciled in the sense that we were, like, back together. But we'd been together for, like, eight years."

Apparently Kelis has moved on with her love life and revealed that has been dating someone else. "Yeah, I am," she replied when Hilton pressed her about dating anyone new. "For a little while," she added, then said with a laugh, "It's going great."

The singer said her new guy is not a musician, but was coy when asked if he's also a famous face, saying, "Well, I guess it depends who you're asking."

Kelis was also candid about her relationship with the animal-rights organization PETA, which has slammed the star for her love of fur. The singer famously refused to back down when PETA implored her to give up fur and she told Perez that she has no plans to trade in mink for hemp.

"I've always worn fur and I've never had an issue with it," she said. "They'd mentioned a few things to me before, I ignored it. Finally they sent me this, like, nasty letter. I was just like, 'Are you serious? Like, what?' "

The star remained adamant about her fur stance and told PETA to back off. "Leave me alone, basically," she said.