7 Fan-Made Costumes So Good They Deserve Their Own Movies

Hey Hollywood: adapt this cosplay.

By Kristy Puchko

Seeking out enticing inspiration that might excite fans and launch franchises, Hollywood has turned to comic books, cartoons, and even board games. But so far they've totally overlooked an artistic outlet that has a fervent and widespread fanbase: cosplay.

This hobby dares fans to construct elaborate costumes, mash-up their favorite fandoms, and sometimes create all-new heroes. So why hasn't Hollywood been scouring Comic Con for ideas for next summer's blockbusters? Well, we have, collecting some cool cosplay pics and pairing them with promising pitches of our own.

"X-Men Origins: Storm"


Model: Jacqueline-Elizabeth Cottrell aka Kurosune; Photography by Jamais Vu; Outfit by Marika of Kicka Custom Design

Before she had the hairdo of a harried soccer mom in the "X-Men" movies, Ororo Munroe was a hard-edged heroine with a major Mohawk and an insatiable thirst for justice! We'd love to see Afropunk's badass version of Storm unleashed in a story of her own, perhaps one written by luminary comic book writer Gail Simone (We know she's a fan). If not, could we at least loop this look into the 1980s set "X-Men: Apocalypse?"

"Ghostbusters: Back In Action"


Model: Maeghan Eyre; Photography by Jason Fitzsimmons

Forget the "Ghostbusters News, we suggest a story of Mia Venkman and her half-brother Oscar Barrett-Venkman, who are both following in their father/step father's footsteps with a cutup crew of their own.

"Queen Ariel"


Model: LisaLouWhoCosplay; Photography by Martin Wong

With "Maleficent" bringing new colors to the story of "Sleeping Beauty," why not give Ariel another go? This cosplay from Comics Alliance has us picturing a live-action adventure where The Little Mermaid is all grown up, ready to take on the throne and defend her merpeople against an evil sorcerer from the ocean's deepest depths, who has kidnapped her father. Uniting with her sisters, Queen Ariel will fight in a battle that will rock land and sea.



Comic Con 2013; Photography by Ricky Brigante

In the DC universe, Aquaman usually gets the short end of the trident. But this couples costume from Uproxx has us wondering what the children of this sea-based superhero would be like. Imagine "AquaTeens," a comedy about the dopey surfer kids of the King Of The Seven Seas, where these fun-loving twins have to buckle down and save the day while Dad's away. Think of it as "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead" in the ocean.

"Doctor Whoom Meets Tardimus Prime"


Model: Sebastien "ThatGuyYouKnow" Nguyen as Tardimus Prime; MrNikochu as Doctor Whoom. Photography by The Will Box

One of the unique pleasures of cosplay is the nerdgasm mash-up. This clever collision featured on Fashionably Geek combines elements of "Doctor Who" with "Fantastic Four" and "Transformers." Imagine an alternate universe (or a buddy cop comedy) where the TARDIS was a transformer that teamed up with the powerful Doctor Whoom, an ultra-intelligent Time Lord who destroys worlds and alien races, but is ultimately wildly misunderstood! Okay, so the cross-studio co-operation that would be needed to make this work is next-level impossible. But we can dream.

"Hipster Star Wars"


Photography by exoplanetaria

Disney is expanding the "Star Wars" universe at a blazing speed, but in the midst of a new trilogy and a selection of spin-offs could there be a place for these three? I'm imagining these too-cool-for-school cosplayers captured on Instagram as the heroes of a low-budget parody that re-imagines the battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire as a low-stakes struggle over real estate in Williamsburg. "Hipster Star Wars," a walk on the Dark Side.

"Butterfly Girl"


Submission by SaEun Moon

It turns out some of the most inventive cosplay comes from the kindergarten set. On the inspired (and to the point) tumblr Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You, fans submit cosplay pics of kids, and re-imagine them as newly minted cartoon heroines. "Butterfly Girl" -- as she's dubbed in comments -- has hints of Princess Leia with her hair buns and lightsaber, but she makes this look her own with bracers, cape, boots and a tutu. Re-imagined by artist SaEun Moon, this little cosplayer becomes an evil-fighting pixie well-suited to an animated adventure all her own. What kind of excitement could a little girl with wings and a sword get up to? The sky's the limit!

Got any good cosplay based pitches? Link 'em in the comments below!

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