Kanye West Is Meeting With Donald Trump At Trump Tower

After voicing his support for the president-elect, Kanye seems to have been invited to a meeting

UPDATE (12/13/16, 3:28 p.m. EST): Kanye West has addressed the meeting on Twitter, saying that he and Trump discussed "multicultural issues" like violence on the streets of Chicago.

Kanye West just walked into New York City's Trump Tower for a meeting with the president-elect.

Multiple reporters in Donald Trump's press pool took photos and video of Kanye's entrance in the lobby. Trump's son Eric was also spotted in an elevator.

Donald Trump arrived not long after and was seen shaking hands and taking photos with Kanye.

It's unclear what the topic of their meeting was. Trump said that the two had been friends for "a long time" and that they got together to discuss "life."

At a recent concert on the Saint Pablo Tour, Kanye revealed that if he had voted, he would have voted for Trump. His comments angered much of his fanbase.

Kanye then canceled the rest of his tour and was subsequently hospitalized for eight days, reportedly for temporary psychosis resulting from dehydration and sleep deprivation.

The rapper's support for Trump came as a surprise to many of his fans, but his meeting with Trump is an even more unexpected — and unprecedented — development.

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