Check Out Heidi Montag's Debut Album 'Superficial' Here

'The Hills' star embraces Auto-Tune and bouncy beats on her first LP.

Heidi Montag always dreamed of becoming a pop star like Britney Spears. For years she's been in the studio working with some of Spears' collaborators, like Cathy Dennis, who wrote "Toxic." And this week the "Hills" star released her first [article id="1629555"]full-length pop album, Superficial,[/article] packed with bouncy, Auto-Tune-heavy tracks in which Heidi displays her sassy attitude.

In her music and lyrics, Heidi shows none of the vulnerability we've seen from her on TV. Instead, she's a dance princess. And in the seven tracks Montag shared with MTV News, which you can sample here, she is certainly not afraid to call out bad boyfriends, defend certain love affairs and show the world that she's the very sexy girl-next-door.

On "Blackout," Heidi, who has faced her fair share of criticism from friends about her relationship with Spencer Pratt, sings about not caring what others think of her boyfriend. Then she's obsessed with a boy on "Fanatic." She calls out her haters on "Superficial," singing, "So they say I'm superficial/ 'Cause I got money/ They say I'm superficial/ But they really don't know me."

Heidi uses equally dance-floor friendly beats in "Hey Boy," the provocative "I'll Do It," "Turn Ya Head" and her ode to bad lovers, "Twisted."

Earlier this week, Montag told MTV News that she's put a lot of herself into the making of Superficial. "I have spent all my money. I am literally broke because I did this independently. Most artists just go in the booth and sing the songs," she explained. "For me, I had to find the song, choose the song, track it down, book the studio time. I really wanted to be a part of it every step of the way."

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