Miley Cyrus Admits Being With Juicy J Creates A 'Crazy Kind Of Vibe'

The twerking queen tells MTV News what it was like guesting on Mike Will Made It's '23.'

Mike Will Made It has produced massive hits for A-list artists, including Rihanna and 2 Chainz, but now, some of his famous friends are returning the favor on his debut single, "23."

Mike recruited Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and his "We Can't Stop" collaborator Miley Cyrus for the track, which was previewed in a 25-second snippet that featured Wiz rapping over a mid-tempo beat and Cyrus singing, "I'm naughty by nature / Like I'm hip-hop hooray."

MTV News recently caught up with Cyrus, who released the title of her upcoming album, Bangerz, earlier this week, on the set of her VMA promo shoot, where she talked about why she was so eager to get on the track.

"He had had this track '23' with Wiz and Juicy already, and it's just on some cool like old-school J sh-- and that's what's really cool about it," she said. "And like people wouldn't expect me to be on a song about Jordan... right now all they really see of me and Juicy is me at his concert way too twerked up, they haven't seen what we can do when were together and when were together it's this crazy kind of vibe because it's not what people would really expect."

Mike told MTV News he was a bit skeptical at first to put Cyrus on the track, but after laying down a verse, which showed off Cyrus' rapping skills, he admits, she "killed it."

"I'm definitely not a rapper. It's my rapping. It's my own swag. I hate that word," Cyrus said. "But it's just the only way I can really describe it, it's just kind of my own thing where it's not really rapping, it's just kind of on my own thing it's just kind of on my own sh--."

Cyrus and Mike have already been thinking up treatments for the upcoming video for "23," but admits she's feeling the pressure to top her VMA-nominated video for "We Can't Stop."

"We've been working on the treatment every day," Cyrus said. "And trying to make sure this video is crazy because I have a big follow-up with "We Can't Stop," so this video has to be crazy."

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