Gal Gadot Brought Her Best Kendall Jenner 'And' Cinderella Impressions To 'SNL'

(Pretty sure Kendall can tell the difference between a bathroom and a closet, though)

Gal Gadot made her Saturday Night Live debut last night (October 7), and the actress not only dusted off one of Diana's dresses from Themyscira, but tried on the roles of a Disney Princess and two of the most famous faces on the planet for size.

It was pretty much guaranteed that the Wonder Woman star would bring a little bit of her blockbuster breakthrough to Studio 8H, and one skit did involve Diana's Amazonian homeland (and a makeout session with Kate McKinnon, too). But she surprised in a sketch poking fun at E! — and, specifically, its Kardashian-centric programming — as Gadot kind of nailed Kendall Jenner's mannerisms, along with her best take on Gigi Hadid, in scenes from spoof series Kendall's Model House and Kendall's World. (To be fair: We have complete faith in the real Kendall's ability to navigate the hallways of her own house, which she has some difficulty doing here.)

Is she a Keeping Up with the Kardashians fan? She's got Kendall's selfie-posing game down pat, so the chances of that coming from watching at least a couple of episodes for research are pretty solid.

She didn't stop at supermodels, though: In a sketch involving three tiny mice with attitude and a dress no self-respecting damsel would ever go near, Gadot played Cinderella as one of the most brutally honest Disney Princesses to hit the screen, cartoon or otherwise.

Not that there was any cause to doubt her comedic chops, but it's official: Gadot is a pro at playing multiple Wonder Women — and hilariously, too.