Does John Legend Really Look Like Arthur? Chrissy Teigen Chimes In

Human vs. aardvark

If John Legend and Chrissy Teigen weren't already the epitome of your relationship goals, their latest social media exchange will convince you. This past weekend, the internet — specifically Twitter user Emily Sowah — spotted the random resemblance between Legend and Arthur without his glasses. Who knew the "Love Me Now" singer had a PBS doppelgänger?

Teigen soon caught wind of this comparison. In response, she shared the viral meme that put Arthur back on the map this year. One clenched fist speaks a million words.

This finally got Legend's attention. He tweeted back: "I hadn't even heard of this Arthur character til now. Was he around when I was a kid?"

Technically, Arthur's been alive and well since before Legend was born in 1978. PBS's animated Arthur show didn't start until 1996, but the books by Marc Brown have been around since 1976. That aardvark hasn't aged a single day.