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9 Times Marvel’s Squirrel Girl Kicked Life's Butt With Super Confidence

She's a human and also a squirrel!

Despite the fact that only three issues of "The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl" have been published so far, the new Marvel series by Ryan North and Erica Henderson has made quite a splash in the comic book world. That's thanks in no small part to the comic's eponymous hero, Doreen Green, who's a mutant (maybe?) with the powers and big bushy tail of a squirrel.

Now, we are fully aware that this sounds like a joke (and in fact, the writers who introduced and popularized her all meant her to be one). But while the "Unbeatable Squirrel Girl" series is certainly hilarious, Doreen herself is a deadly serious crime fighter -- and she's also far and away the coolest, most confident college student you have ever met in your entire life, which is what makes her really shine as a character.

How do we figure? Let us count the ways:

First of all, there's her awesome theme song.



Can you think of any other superhero who's so passionate and self-assured about their abilities that they've written* a song for themselves, and then sing it regularly?

*Yes, written, DEFINITELY not cribbed from the iconic '60s Spider-Man cartoon. Who even IS that guy? Nobody cares.

She's not self conscious about her appearance.



If the average teenage girl woke up one morning to find a giant bushy squirrel tail had mysteriously appeared on their backside overnight, they would probably be beside themselves -- and if they had to try to hide the tail and found that it made that aforementioned backside look even bigger than normal, the situation would probably be much worse.

Not for Doreen, though! She rocks her conspicuously awesome butt and doesn't care who notices. And speaking of which, it's also worth pointing out that Erica Henderson isn't afraid to let Doreen look a little goofy-looking sometimes. It's a fantastic, refreshing change of pace for the stereotypical way that women in comic books are drawn sometimes.

Nor is she shy about introducing herself.



Squirrel Girl's very first appearance in the Marvel Universe was in 1991, when she marched right up to Iron Man and announced that she wanted to be his partner. Not his sidekick, mind you -- his partner. He refused, of course, but she tagged along anyway and ended up saving the world from Doctor Doom practically without him. From a fourteen year old girl, that takes takes some serious nuts.

Like, at all.



Ever talked to a crush and felt like a drooling idiot afterwards who didn't deserve to breathe the same air as such a cute person? Doreen's more worried that she's too cool for him to handle. That's a mentality we can get behind, for sure.

She is always ready to take on new challenges.



College is supposed to be a time of learning and mastering new skills, and Doreen is all about that life -- it's only her first day of classes and she's already anticipating becoming a master computer wizard. In the meantime, she's currently an expert at stopping robbers with her earrings. Heck yeah, girl!

She gets knocked down and gets right back up again.



Nobody puts the Girl of Squirrels in a corner there, buddy. You think you're unbeatable? Unless you ARE Doreen Green herself, it doesn't matter what you think: you're gonna get beat.

She makes a point of setting goals for herself...



How does somebody with the power to talk to squirrels get themselves to the Moon? How do you defeat someone who calls themselves the "Devourer of Worlds?" Do smartphones even work in space? Listen, I don't know who you are trying to take down a girl's dreams with so many questions, but these are all merely problem solving opportunities that will resolve themselves as a result of Doreen's unstoppable drive and ambition.

And then delivers on them.



See? Galactus better watch the heck out, man.

Seriously, she is literally unbeatable.



Yeah, that isn't just a clever gimmick term North and Henderson came up with to title their series -- Squirrel Girl has literally gone up against some of the toughest fighters and villains of the Marvel Universe (like Thanos, who you might know from scaring the pants off of everyone in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" ) and won. And now she's up against a god-like cosmic force that drains the life out of entire planets for funsies.

But whatever, it ain't no thing! Squirrel Girl has totally got this. Just you watch.

The fourth issue of "Unbeatable Squirrel Girl" will hit comic book stores on April 22nd.