Twitter Is Considering A 10K Character Limit -- But These Users Have Better Ideas

These people aren't ready to read full essays on Twitter just yet.

The 140 characters or less limit on Twitter has been much maligned in the almost 10 years since the social media site's inception, but as the tech service considers a drastic expansion to tweet sizes -- we're talking more than 71 times the current maximum here -- a lot of users are starting to cling to its tradition of succinct snippets.

Granted, part of that might be a misunderstanding about the exact way this might impact everyone's timelines -- per Re/Code, said alteration would leave the way feeds look intact but allow for click-through expansion up to 10,000 characters, whereas most users interpret it to become something like this:

Of course, there are downsides in either case, and the couch critic juices are flowing right now. Among the feedback the Twitterverse has offered up are a few solid suggestions, however.

For example, this fella wants to make a simple character count adjustment that might help us squeeze in a few extra words, but otherwise keep the status quo of tweets being ≤ 140 characters.

This is actually a pretty clutch suggestion because goodness knows that group tweets get pretty complicated when every person's @name counts too. (Of course, we don't want to open the floodgates to spambot trolls, either... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

There's also the possibility of a slightly less sweeping increase to the limit, right?

From 140 to 10,000 is a moon landing-sized leap for Twitterkind, so maybe something a little less exponential would make everyone feel better about what's happening here?

Plus, for a lotta people, that whole "Moments" business just has gotta go, and this seems like as good a time as any to mention that.

How do we make you go away, little lightning bolt?

Also, an editing function (!!) has always been a highly in-demand item.

It makes sense that when you're putting something out there into the foreverness that is the internet, you should get a second shot at tackling those typos instead of having to rinse and repeat with an all-new tweet.

There are also those who are willing to work with this expansion idea, but only if they can opt out from the get-go.

This guy is an actual novelist and yet he still thinks 10k characters is way too much reading to expect of people.

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