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Beliebers Are Going To Be ‘Disappointed’ When They Watch Justin Bieber’s Roast

Because despite your tweeting, these comedians go all in.

We are just one day away from witnessing Justin Bieber getting the "ass-whooping he deserves."

After much anticipation, Justin's Comedy Central Roast goes down on Monday, and from what we've already seen and heard, nothing is off limits when it comes to roasting the Biebs.

Much to the dismay of Beliebers, Roastmaster Kevin Hart and his fellow roasters- Ludacris, Martha Stewart, Shaq, Snoop Dogg- went all in on Justin, touching upon everything from his brushes with the law to his underwear modeling.

Justin's die-hard fan base was tweeting non-stop to the attendees before the roast taped, asking to keep a certain subject off the table.

"They made it very clear that this roast is about Justin and don't bring up Selena [Gomez]. They made it very clear," Chris D'Elia told us on the carpet. "That is when I started writing jokes about Selena."

As for Hart, he revealed that fans just begged him to be nice, which clearly wasn't going to happen.

"My timeline is full of 'don't hurt him, Kevin, don't you hurt Justin.' It's full of a bunch of teenage girls threatening me," Kevin said. "'If you do we'll march on you.'"


"Broad City" star Hannibal Buress received the same requests from the Beliebers. Still, I hate to say it, fans: you are going to be "disappointed."

"They said 'don't hurt him,'" he said. "He has a very passionate fan base that are going to be very disappointed when they watch this."