Another 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' Reunion Happened, So What About That Reboot?

Tick tock, guys

Unlike David DeLuise’s previous Wizards of Waverly Place reunion, this recent one is actually everything it seems.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Jerry Russo met up with his TV daughter’s boyfriend, Mason Greyback (Gregg Sulkin), and took a super cute selfie. “If anyone knows comedy, it’s this man,” Sulkin captioned on Instagram. Can we take a moment to appreciate how they’re all matchy-matchy with their sunglasses?

DeLuise called Sulkin “the best” and replied with, “It’s great to see you!” He also shared the pic on his own Instagram account, writing, “If there’s anyone who knows how to tell good comedy from bad comedy, it’s Gregg! #goodman #newjacket.”

So when are we getting that official reunion, guys? That’s So Raven is coming back, so now’s the time to pounce on a WOWP revival. I mean, earlier this month, series creator Todd J. Greenwald DID ask the Twittersphere, “Who wants to see a series prequel??”

But while we don’t currently have a reboot of any kind, DeLuise thankfully keeps the show alive by posting his mini-reunions with former castmates. In October, he “met up” with Selena Gomez at an Apple Store. He also hung out with his oldest TV son, Justin (David Henrie), during the summer at a Barnes & Noble — because reading is magical. (Sorry.)

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