Millie Bobby Brown's New Makeup Line Is Affordable And Safe For Younger Faces

Millie's got the skincare and beauty game on lock

What's next for Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown? Oh, not much. Being a superstar. Being adorable. Launching her own skincare and makeup line called Florence by Mills.

The actress took to Instagram to announce her beauty brand to her nearly 30 million followers with a fun, bubbly clip that's just as sprightly as Millie herself. Her brand is all about staying true to yourself and offering teens safe, colorful and useful makeup that won't break younger users out.

"I wanted to come into the space because there was a gap in the market for young people," Brown said in an interview with WWD. "I guess I could never find anything that I liked to put on my face and it felt good. I’d take off my makeup and boom, another pimple would appear,” she explained of her experience with other brands. “There are multiple different products I’ve put on that weren’t good for me. Some of those were anti-aging, and I was 10 years old."

So far, it looks like her clean, vegan skincare items will include the adorably named Swimming Under the Eye Gel Pads, Zero Chill Face Mist, and the Like a Light Skin Tint, which is her favorite. Is that a Drake reference, Millie?

Millie added that younger clients' budgets were taken into consideration when it came to coming up with prices. The brand ranges from products that cost just $10 to $34 and will be available for purchase in an online storefront as well as Ultra and Boots stories. Right now, it looks like the store page is blank, but we can't wait to see what Millie comes up with. And despite its target demographic, the skincare line is sounding pretty amazing right now. We can't wait to see how Eleven herself wants to help everyone work toward healthier skin and cleaner beauty routines.

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