Waka Flocka Dedicates 'Salute Me 4' To His Flock Of Fans

'That reckless music, I'm the king of that,' Waka tells 'Mixtape Daily.'

Mixtape Daily Main Pick

Headliner: Waka Flocka Flame

Representing: Riverdale, Georgia

Mixtape: Salute Me or Shoot Me, Vol. 4

Real Spit: Waka Flocka Flame loves his fans. In fact, just two short months ago, the Georgia rap riot-starter dedicated his Triple F Life: Fans, Friends & Family to his core supporters. Now, Waka is back with a new mixtape to show his faithful flock just how much they mean to him.

"I'm doing this mixtape solely ... for the fans, man, that's who I'm doing it for. That real," Waka told Mixtape Daily.

Salute Me or Shoot Me, Vol. 4 is a return to the trap-style mixtapes on which Waka built his rambunctious brand. On last year's Salute Me or Shoot Me, Vol. 3, Flocka teamed with DJ Holiday and recruited Gucci Mane, Wooh Da Kid and his late friend Slim Dunkin, as well as producers Lex Luger, Southside and Drumma Boy. Over the course of 24 tracks like "Ferrari Boyz," "Tag Team" and "365," Waka delivered a consistent head-busting sound. He promises more of the same on the series' latest installment.

"The streets deserve this, my fans deserve this," he said. "That reckless music, I'm the king of that."

Joints to check for

» "J Well." "I got the song from my boy Josh Powell. He's from Riverdale, but we call him J Well from Riverdale, so I had to make a song about that. Ballin' like I'm J Well. Shout out to the city."

» "Tweekin." "I did that for all my party heads."

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