Miley Cyrus Knew Fans Would 'Love' If She Smoked Weed on EMA Stage

'I was just walking out of my room and then I was like, 'Oh I have this in my bag, that will be really funny,' ' Cyrus told U.K.'s Capital FM Radio.

Miley Cyrus wasn't looking to offend anyone, or break any laws, during her 2013 MTV EMA onstage smoke break. As Miley tells it, she was just looking to have some fun.

Cyrus grabbed headlines once again during the Amsterdam awards show with her custom Biggie and Tupac red-carpet ensemble, alien twerking and super high-cut onesie. Yet, it was when she decided to light up a joint onstage while accepting the Best Video award, that solidified that the night was truly hers.

During an interview with U.K's Capital FM radio, the "Wrecking Ball" singer, who also sported ear buds with pot leaves on them during her performance, admitted that the "puff heard round the world," happened in the spur of the moment.

"I was just walking out of my room and then I was like 'Oh I have this in my bag, that will be really funny," Cyrus said. "And I didn't say anything to anybody -- it's not that I think about that and I don't tell anyone I'm gonna do it."

She continued, "Some people I think overthink stuff so much -- that's not why I do it. I just did it mostly because I knew the fans in Amsterdam would love it and they started going crazy when I did it, so I knew the whole place would go super wild."

And go wild it did. Cyrus finished smoking the joint following the awards show and tweeted the day after the MTV EMA: "sometimes in life you just gotta decide to not give AF." It's a motto she's sticking with.

"I don't care what the media says because I don't Google myself," Cyrus said. "So I don't know what they say and I don't care because it's a bunch of people that maybe one time in their life they dreamt about being a journalist and then they became what they are."