One Directioners Let Us Inside Their 'Crazy World' Through Tumblr Project

'Special Report: Inside the Crazy World of 'Special Report: Inside the Crazy World of 1D' Fandom investigate what it's like to love 1D.

Wondering what it's like to be a mega-fan of floppy-haired British boybanders, One Direction? Well, Tumblr's newest effort, Storyboard, is taking you inside the minds and emotions of One Directioners with [article id="1689163"]"Special Report: Inside the Crazy World of 1D Fandom."[/article]

Over the course of the week, Storyboard will highlight some of the ways that Directioners show their loyalties to the fivesome through articles and video. In an initial piece posted to the project, Tumblr's Jessica Bennett notes, "But for the past six months, following every move of One Direction has consumed the lives of millions of Directioners -- with Tumblr as their home and headquarters. Each day, the One Direction fan machine functions as a kind of digital clearing house, with fans updating the moment-by-moment but also producing content of their own: fan fiction, art, poetry, and everything in between."

In addition to editorial about the inside world of being a Directioner, the project also will include video interviews with some of the band's most loyal devotees proclaiming their love for the Brits. One fan says in a video, "They're not a cookie-cutter boy band at all. They are just boys onstage doing what they love to do."

The project launched to help highlight the overwhelming number of Tumblr blogs started by Directioners, some of it even diving into the world of fan fiction. Regarding the fans' overzealous depictions of the guys, Louis Tomlinson said, "This is a subject that was funny at first but now is actually hard to deal with as I am in a relationship. ... It is actually affecting the way me and Harry are in public. We want to joke around, but there seems to be a different rumor every time we do anything."

For more on what Tumblr has planned, Directioners, and interested parties alike, should stay tuned to Storyboard, which will continue to post new content connected to the project.

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