Meet The Most Gullible Victim In 'Catfish' History

Spencer believed that he was communicating with a pop star -- even after it was confirmed he wasn't

Catfish love hopefuls generally want to believe that their mysterious digital boyfriend or girlfriend is the person they say they are and that the pair will live together happily ever after following their face-to-face introduction (courtesy of Nev and Max). But during tonight's brand-new episode, Spencer took this aforementioned statement to the extreme and wholeheartedly thought that he had been communicating with a successful pop star for the past six years -- even after it was confirmed that he wasn't.

That's only the beginning of this deliciously entertaining tale. The facts: The Tennessean began chatting with the supposed singer on an app six (!) years ago, and the person behind the account was using the celebrity's moniker. When he asked if she was indeed the crooner, she confirmed she was -- and Spencer completely trusted her and claimed that the couple fell in love. Cue the complete disbelief from the seasoned cyber sleuths, who actually burst out laughing when they heard the identity of Spencer's romantic interest.


"That's a wild claim to be making," Nev said. "It's probably one of the most ridiculous things we've ever heard."

But back to the story. Spencer was so sure that he was actually having a relationship with the A-lister (there were details she mentioned from her childhood that matched facts and unreleased tunes on defunct YouTube pages, to name a few examples), he made an engagement ring using his great grandmother's emerald stone (and 25% of his savings).

On the flip side, the MTV hosts were sure he wasn't talking to the pop star. But soon enough, Nev and Max got to work and uncovered some unsurprising solid results. Spencer was actually talking to a Canadian woman named Harriet who was residing in England (the email account came out as a match). But when they presented their accurate discovery, Spencer was in complete denial and stated over and over again that the tone on Harriet's Facebook page didn't match his companion's.

"I've gone back and listened to some of her songs in her last album -- all of them have little bits that are clues to me," he expressed before taking the trip overseas. "It was up to me to figure it out, but I've figured it out. I am fully, 100% confident it's her."


And even after he met Harriet in the flesh -- she uncomfortably laughed about the entire ordeal -- Spencer did not believe the experienced detectives had really uncovered the person behind the account. And yup, everyone was stunned -- including the crew.


While Max was adamant that this wasn't a Punk'd situation (never forget, Ashton Kutcher), Nev emphasized that Spencer needed to understand that he wasn't chatting with the pop star. By the next morning, Spencer began to see the light and understand the reality of the situation.

"I was gullible, for sure," he admitted. "I guess I fed myself into that. Live and learn."

But, when it came time for the catch-up, Spencer hadn't really changed: Harriet revealed that Spencer emailed her still thinking he was contacting the singer -- specifically, saying how he met a girl in England as if he actually hadn't interacted with Harriet. Spencer confessed that he was still doing some investigating, but he finally came around and accepted the truth.

While Spencer stated he was going to try to not be so easily persuaded by something, it's tough to match a cast member featured on this long-running series who was more gullible. Nev and Max had to repeatedly reaffirm that he was not being rational, and calmly explain that he would not wind up with the singer he never knew in the first place.

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